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05 December 2006 @ 12:33 am
Ne humanus crede  
I feel like the stars align just to shit on me.  God's newest gag is to make the power go out in the living room... just the living room... and only when I've finally gotten the TV, or when I'm just about to get the TV.  It went out three times in under a half hour.  It was fine all day as everyone else used the TV and I nearly went insane from the boredom... My one last escape, video games.  I sure as hell can't play Nintendo with the damn power randomly going out to just the room the Wii is in, and only when I'm in there!  I've got all of two friends who hardly talk to me and hang out with me even less, and now I can't even play video games.  I'm out of cigarettes at the moment too... I'm seriously this close to killing and cutting up people for fun.  I'm so fucking sick of this existence.

Oh yeah, I've also got no food and no one will take me to Wal-mart.  They don't wanna take me on their day off because it's their day off and they wanna lay around, and no one wants to take me on days they work 'cause then they're too tired from working all day... sooo, sooo close to going GTA and just stealing cars whenever I need to go some place...