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08 September 2006 @ 02:38 am
Sic erat in fatis  
Since I started collecting Transformers there have been two figures that I've wanted desperately.  Unfortunately for me, they're both very rare.  Vector Prime is one of these figures.

I was looking around the web for deals on action figures when I saw that wal-mart had the Ninja Turtle battle shell up for sale.  It's an iconic vehicle, one of the first in the current line, and very hard to find for the retail price.  But there it was!  I decided to look around to see if I could find anything else, and that's when it happened... Wal-mart's site had Vector Prime for sale.  I got my credit card out and bought both immediately.

Oh, but how God loves to mess with my head... I went to Toys R' Us the next day and sitting there on the shelf was the very same figure I had just bought on-line. The package was damaged, like the thing had journeyed through a black hole to arrive there.  I had to buy it too though, knowing that Wal-mart may have made a mistake putting that figure up for sale on their site.  It's happened to me before... a couple of months ago I tried to buy a Vector Prime offa bigbadtoystore.com, but after my order went through perfectly it became apparent that they didn't actually have him in-stock.

As much as I love Vector Prime, I didn't need two, so I decided to cancel my order from the internet.  Two days after I do so they sent me an e-mail to inform me that they shipped it anyway.  Oh, how the lord loves to torment me...

Anyways, my second one arrived today.  Does anyone want a Vector Prime figure?  It's rare, mint, and unopened.  I'd sell it on the e-bay, but it doesn't look like anyone's buying the 10 or so that are on there right now.  I'm willing to part with it for 25 bux, which is the retail cost of the figure plus the five dollars I paid to have it shipped.  If not, I guess I can always wait ten years and then try to sell it... might get a decent amount for it then.  Old Transformers can go for thousands nowadays.

Oh yeah, that other Transformer I had been desperately looking for is Scourge.  Amazon had him up today, and I ordered one.  I don't wanna get too excited 'till I get the shipment notice though...