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07 September 2006 @ 10:40 am
Newly Acquired Figures: BACK in GREEN  

CHARACTERS: The New Fast Forward Ninja Turtles and Splinter
PRICE: Around 6 or 7 bux each
NOTES:  These have to be the best Ninja Turtle figures ever made.  For the first time, the figures are totally to scale and sculpted after the characters from the current show, instead of being modeled after the old figures from the 80's.  I picked up Leonardo first, then I saw a couple of episodes of the new show... and now I'm hooked!  I plan on collecting the whole set.

PROS:  + Amazing sculpts
+The most show accurate figures ever made
+ The average paint job on each figure is very well done, as opposed to the toy lines which came before.
+ Translucent colored weapons!  (This I love a lot)

CONS:  -Collecting the whole set will be quite the challenge!

VEHICLES: Razorjet, Moto-Psycho, and Space Cycle
PRICE: Around 10 or 11 bux each.  I got all of mine for only 4 dollars a pop though.
LOCATION: Toys R' Us in Niles
NOTES:  Who can pass up Ninja Turtles' Vehicles for only 4 dollars apiece!  Apparently not me ^_^  The first two bikes are for the bad guys, while the third is for the turtles.  In case you didn't notice, I took these pictures myself because I couldn't find any decent ones on-line.

PROS:  + Great sculpts and paint jobs
+ Each fires missiles

+ 2 of them transform into hover bikes!
+ On sale at TRU (still)

CONS:  - It's a bitch to get the turtle figures to look natural on them (they look ike they're riding standing up)