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01 September 2006 @ 05:31 am
Newly Acquired Figures: The Great Wal-Mart Robbery (part 2)  
This is continued from my last toy update.  Remember, all these figures retail for around 7 bux, but I got them all for only $2.50 each ^_^  I know you're jealous.  Oh, and by the way... you've all realized that each image is a link too, right?  Just click on them to read more about the character.  (I really hope someone's been readin' those things...)

CHARACTERS: The Mini-con Recon Team (Jolt, Sixspeed, and Reverb)
NOTES:  I'm not a big fan of mini-cons, but these ones are pretty nice.

NOTES: He's Brakedown's partner so I had to get him. 

CHARACTER: Armorhide
NOTES:  Out of all the figures I got that day, this was the only one that really disapointed me.  He doesn't have a cyber key power and his gun doesn't even fire a missle.  I still think he looks kewl though.